Consignment Rules

It’s All Good (IAG) accepts women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories that are in excellent condition, clean, and in-season. Item(s) must be presented in sellable condition: freshly laundered and free of stains, rips, tears, and missing buttons. All items must be from a non-smoking environment.

The consignment commission is a 60-40 split of the selling price, minus any discount or sale, with 60% to IAG and 40% to the consignor. The selling price of each item is established by IAG. Prices are based on a formula that considers the original price, the condition of the item(s), and the demand for similar item(s). 

If items are not in sellable condition and IAG chooses to launder and/or mend an item to bring it up to the shop’s standards, the consignment split will change to 70-30, minus any discount or sale, with 70% to IAG and 30% to the consignor. Otherwise, unaccepted items are immediately recycled.

Consignments are for three months. If the consignor would like an accepted item or items back anytime during the consignment period, the consignor must call to make arrangements to pick up.

At the end of the consignment period, the item or item(s) become the property of IAG and will be responsibly recycled or sold at a later date. It is the consignor’s responsibility to pick up sales commission at IAG. Payments are not mailed (if pickup is not possible, payments may be mailed with a $1 processing fee). IAG does not contact consignors to update about sales activity.

If consignor item or items sell, and the consignor fails to communicate with IAG at the end of the consignment period, the consignor account will be charged a $10.00 account fee per month.

The first payment is made after the end of the initial consignment period and then monthly thereafter. Payment for sold items is made out to the consignor on record and may be used as IAG shop credit at any time.

Each item is left at the consignor’s risk and consigned items will not be returned at the end of the consignment period.