Local recycling, global impact

It's All Good owners, Cindy and Brian Neprash, observed the absence of clean water at Vusumzi Primary School, a school renovated by Universal Promise, an American nonprofit with a singular focus on education, and within days, they decided to address the need.  After researching locally accessible green technology in South Africa, the couple began collecting old record albums. They then used their creative and physical energy to design, produce, and sell whimsical, oversized flower arrangements from melted and reconfigured vinyl LPs. Just seven months later, flower sales funded a new water purification system.

The concept meshes perfectly with the overarching goal: to embrace recycling, whether it takes the form of water collection and purification or transforming nostalgic materials into one-of-a-kind creativity. 

The effort continues with the hope of installing another water system at a school in need or to contribute to the Universal Promise Academic Centre's green technology. If you see a flower that you would like to purchase for yourself or as a gift, act fast. Each flower is unique and cannot be duplicated. We ship anywhere at your cost. Each shipment includes cards that detail Universal Promise and its mission of education for all and the background story of our partnership and water initiative.

If you are interested in learning more about these projects or contributing to them, please contact us.

This is big. This is really big. Never again will we have to cancel classes because of a shortage of water.
- V.J.Sampies, Vusumzi Primary School Principal

"My March 2017 Universal Promise volunteer trip experience was the BEST yet! I made memories that will last a lifetime!" ~ Cindy Neprash

We boarded the plan, ten strong, on March 3rd, 2017. We were excited, enthusiastic, and full of wonder and hope about our trip that we had all planned for and dreamed about. Five veterans and five newbies. The veterans were feeling comfortable as we had previously experienced the flight, transfers, accommodations, lay of the land, and most of all, inspiring and beautiful Xhosa people. The newbies, while somewhat anxious about all of the above, had heard our stories and confidently settled in knowing that they were about to experience, first-hand, what we had been talking about for years.

We had developed our initiatives and were eager to begin. Our educational initiative is three-fold: (1) a group of current and former educators would work in the township's primary school to assist the South African educators with lessons and teaching strategies, (2) a group of crafters would work with local women to assist with the continuing development of a crafting center where they learn to create sellable crafts, merchandising and marketing techniques, and order fulfillment, and (3) a nurse and a nurse practioner, together with local medical personnel and translators, would conduct a medical initiative in the township that would involve door-to-door baseline medical exams, referrals for follow-up care, and educational sessions to teach the importance of proper nutrition and medical care.

We were ready. We thought. But here's the most amazing part! We have learned that no matter how ready we think we are, we continue to be incredibly impressed by how talented, smart, resilient, innovative, hard-working, kind, considerate, happy, playful, and genuinely appreciative our South African friends are to be collaborating with and working alongside Universal Promise and that Universal Promise has found and fallen in love with them and that so many people in the distant USA have rallied together with this amazing non-profit to help lift them UP and provide them with many of the same opportunities we enjoy in our daily lives. These volunteer trips are life-changing in a way that until I experienced the profound gratification that comes from working with our friends, I realized it was tough to articulate how full my heart is for the magic that happens during my annual three weeks in March.

A HUGE thank you to everyone in the It's All Good community who has contributed to our UPward movement. We all appreciate you!

I was part of the crafting initiative, and here are some of my photos. All the items you see below are for sale at It's All Good, and 100% of the profits fund furthering our EDUCATION FOR ALL initiatives.